22 September, 2015

Missing smile

It has been a long time that I have visited my home and met my family. I have planned for a long weekend to go there. Meanwhile I was talking to one of my colleagues friend about my plan. We both belongs to same state, so I casually asked "what do you want me to bring for you from Gujarat ??". She replied very humbly " no, I don't need anything. You just go and enjoy with your family." But after that I was thinking what I could have brought for her. I was shocked of what I got in my mind.

Now just imagine the same conversation could have been happened something like following.

Me: "I am planning to go home next week."
She: "Ohh great, at last !, Enjoy your time with family."
Me: "Yeah sure, thanks. Between what do you want me to bring for you ?"
She: "Nothing much. Please bring some love and care from my mom, some anger and scoldings from father, and all the support from my brother. Please bring warmth of my home. And please do not forget to bring comfort of my bed. You act don't need to buy anything. You would get it all those things free of cost. I want taste of my mother's hand, as well that light fun of dining table. Those little silly fights with my siblings. And all those silent understanding, which we were sharing, when we would find our father, coming back to home. I hope it won't be too much for you to carry. Please bring as much as you can. I have missed all those things at home. I am missing that lovely smile on my face that i would get when I see my family."
Me: " :) " - Only a smile, because I had no words to speak. I just put the phone a side and went to bed.

Is it possible to get all those things for someone ? I don't think so anyone in this world can bring all those things. There are lots of people living away from their home for very minor reasons. It might be career, money or personal growth.

Above all those people who are missing such things. I would like to add one more category. There might be people out there, around you, who are not getting all these things even if they go home or meet their family. But they would not ever speak those things to anyone. As family matters can't be disclose to friends easily.

Everyone might not feel the point here. But there are lots of people out there who needs a little care and love to fill the blank. Everyone is not lucky enough to get that. But if we can give a little extra effort, the world can be full of love.


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